Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Bone Marrow Testing - Cindy Puterbaugh

  E-Newsletter of the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsNovember 2011 


Cindy French-Puterbaugh,
Ohio Conference's Associate Superintendent of
Education, was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2011.
She has been fighting this disease ever since.
A bone marrow donor is urgently needed.

"Please read the note below from Cindy, and consider taking immediate action for testing by one of the organizations listed. Feel free to share this urgent need with others.  Thank you for continuing to hold our dear friend and colleague up before our healer God," said Jay Colburn, Superintendent of Education.

Yesterday I found out from OSU that none of my siblings are a match for the bone marrow transplant.  This was disappointing news.  OSU also looked at the national bank - and did not find a perfect match.  I am not totally clear about what is next.  I think that we will meet with OSU again to discuss options.  I did talk to the OSU transplant coordinator about other "volunteers" who had offered to be tested.  I know that a lot of you had indicated your willingness.  There are basically 2 avenues available.


1)     You can participate in a private donor bank.  Your result is only available to me.  There is an initial cost of $175.00.  However, if you are a match, there are no further costs - my insurance would cover.  You would request that the results are sent to the transplant coordinator at OSU, Michelle Johnson, Fax # 614-293-6868.  The website is:


2)    The other option is the national registry.  The website is: There is no cost - however they do ask you for a donation.  This makes your result available to anyone searching for a transplant.  However, the results are posted daily.  OSU watches that registry each day for a possible match for me.


I do know that any potential "volunteers" out there need to be between the ages of 18 and 60.  Perhaps my more mature friends could support someone else who would like to participate ... (smile)


You will also read on the websites that the initial matching is simply done through a cheek swab - painless and easy!  They send you the kit and you mail it back.


Time is of the essence!  It would be best if you were tested before Thanksgiving!


Thanks so much to each of you who support me in so many ways...


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